Made Of Air

Sequestering CO2 in Architecture

Carbon-negative building products made of atmospheric CO2

Made of Air is developing a  building material that could be streamlined with, as opposed to curbing, our demand for consumer production, inverting traditional concepts that production and consumption are unsustainable.

The material uses waste biomass, which has absorbed CO2 in the atmosphere, and is baked to a stable form of carbon by pyrolysis, an oxygen-free oven.
The carbon is mixed with biodegradable binder to yield carbon negative facades. At the end of its lifecycle, the material is shredded, and sequestered in the earth.

The cycle is repeated, essentially sequestering carbon by use.

Using or consuming products which have sequestered carbon reduces the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, inverting common assumptions of sustainability that consumption is bad for the environment.

In order to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, we will have to consume it.

Selected Exhibits

  • Vitra Design Museum, Weil-am-Rhein, 2015
  • Maker Library Berlin, Make Cities Festival, 2015