elegant embellishments are inventors of climatic building elements and stewards of the environment

“Our mission is to reconcile technology and the environment
through innovative building products” 
 Daniel Schwaag


  • achieving disruptive and highly decorative design
  • manufacturing high-performance environmental products
  • originating in London in 2006, headquartered in Berlin since 2009

A fully staffed and decorated think-tank

  • Allison Dring, Co-Founder (B.Arch, M.Arch, speaker at TEDx City 2.0, Re.Work: Cities, and Re.Work: Tech 2014, Advisory Board Member, Lifeboat Foundation)
  • Daniel Schwaag, Co-Founder (Msc, Dipl. Arch. UCL, veteran digital designer (Arups),speaker at Asia Pacific Weeks 2015, mentor TU Berlin-UdK Hybrid Plattform Project) 
  • initiators and developers of new innovative materials and products
  • appointed Maker Library Berlin, British Council Germany (MLN)
  • selected for the Permanent Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt
  • selected to present at Climate KIC 2015
  • representatives of the Federal Republic of Germany, Venice Biennale 2008

Our products turn consumption into an environmental act

  • environmental technologies activate dormant surfaces
  • surfaces become catalysts promoted by renewable sunlight
  • the scale of architecture deploys these technologies over large areas

A design‐focused bureau unlike any other

  • a commitment to interdisciplinary work renders us continually investigative of production methods
  • producing what nobody else does ‐ multi‐dimensional, sculptural facade modules that achieve non‐repetitive surface designs